Our Approach

Designed for Real Life

Our unique approach to training and behavior modification is designed for real people in everyday situations, and has achieved recognition from dog owners and professionals nationwide. We specialize in real-world training and behavior modification for those who want a well-mannered dog who listens every time, any place, with any distraction. Our programs are the most comprehensive dog training and behavior programs in southern Utah.

Passionate about Great Relationships
At Community Canine, we provide you with honest information and reliable methods, though we care about your dog first and foremost. We have seen too many trainers that are more concerned about selling the client additional goods and services instead of actually helping the dog. We believe dog trainers should be driven by their passion and not the quick buck. We guarantee that you will find us to be top notch, with regards to honesty, dedication and professionalism.

Free Evaluation
Because we understand the individual nature of your dog training and behavior needs, we are always happy to offer a FREE, no obligation evaluation to show you how our dog training programs can deliver immediate results. During this meeting we will discuss your dog’s individual needs, and help you prioritize your long and short term training goals. We will also observe your dog and if necessary perform a series of personality and temperament tests in order to determine the most appropriate training approach.

To start training, book an evaluation, or to find out how to better connect with your canine,

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