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7 Mistakes New Puppy Owners Make

For most new puppy owners, training their new puppy can become a frustrating endeavor if any of the following mistakes are made. Most of these mistakes are as a result of a misunderstanding of some of the fundamental differences between humans and dogs. Although there are some similarities

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How to Have the Best Behaved Dog Ever

1- Be calm Dogs will never respond to frustration or anger and all you communication will suffer if you can’t remain calm.  If you lose your cool by yelling and screaming, your dog will not be inclined to listen to you. Dogs will only follow a calm,

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Signs of an Imenent Bite

If these signs occur, cease all interaction with dog, look away and give dog the opportunity to leave, do not approach, do not make eye contact, do not talk to the dog. If you are touching the dog, stop and move your hands slowly away. If you

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Biting and Mouthing

All puppies will “mouth”, a behavior that some people mistake for biting. Mouthing is a learning process for puppies while biting is usually a corrective measure that has more force than mouthing. Sometimes while playing a puppy will nip too hard and cause its playmate to bite

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