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Community Canine – Southern Utah’s Premier Dog Training

We are a professional dog and human training organization in southern Utah who is passionate about creating healthy and happy relationships between you and your canine friend. Because we take the time to custom design our programs to meet the specific needs and goals of each and every dog and owner, we guarantee our obedience programs will work .


  • Do you have a dog that just won’t listen?
  • Is your dog’s behavior unreliable or inconsistent?
  • Does your dog bark fearfully at people or other dogs?
  • Or do you have a puppy who just needs to learn right from wrong?


Our training focuses on creating effective communication between you and your canine friend, in order to achieve obedience through respect and trust. Your relationship with your dog is the most important outcome.

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Guaranteed Results

With our training programs you can expect a dog who listens and responds:
  • to the first command
  • around all distractions
  • without the need for bribery with food
  • without need for getting angry or raising your voice

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Are you ready to "unleash" your dog's potential? Give us a call and learn how quick your canine friend can be a good community citizen.

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